Construction College Heights

College Heights
Secondary School
College Heights Construction
courses can be the first step in
your journey to a successful in
demand career!
Construction Technology opens the
door to approximately 50 different
apprenticeship related trades. With a
main focus on teaching students to
operate equipment in a proper and safe
manner, many of the skills learned are
transferable to several career choices
and different facets of life. Join us and
discover your talent!
For further information regarding
our programming please contact
the Guidance Office at
College Heights Secondary School
371 College Ave. West
Guelph, Ontario N1G 1T3
Phone: 519.821.4510
Fax: 519.821.5531
Grade 9 Exploring Technologies is an
introductory course allowing students the
opportunity to rotate through a variety of
hands-on technological education courses.
Throughout the course students will use a
variety of tools and equipment designed to
cultivate skill, competence and interest as
they embark on a journey that will become
their high school experience.
Double credit courses and Specialist High Skills
Major program are just two new opportunities
open to grade 11 students; allowing those who
are ready to further specialize their education
in a particular career direction. Woodworking
projects may include benches, chairs, tool
cabinets and in some cases, a chance to
choose their own projects!
There are many job opportunities in the
woodworking industry and these are just a few:
Cabinet Maker
Makes and installs cabinets, built in units
and much more
General Carpenter
Builds all aspects of residential construction
In grade 10 students will begin to chose
specific Technological Education courses
based on their interests and skills. These
courses could be the start of a career direction
or just a stop along the way. Students will not
only continue to develop abilities but also
uncover new ones through a series of projects
designed to uncover their strengths.
Grade 12 introduces students to dual credit
college programs as an additional option. It
also looks to expand the already established
skills students have developed in previous
courses. Possible projects in grade 12 may
include guitar/music stands, lamps, wine racks
and electric guitars.
Cement Mason
Installs foundations, concrete floors
and more
Installs all forms of
roofing material