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“It is not like metal; a piece of metal by itself is very cold
and has to be hammered, shaped and polished before
people will even look at it. A piece of clay, which is really
dirt, must be shaped, fired, and glazed. But take a piece
of wood; plane, sand and oil it, and you will find it is a
beautiful thing.”
Tage Frid
Professor of Woodworking and Furniture Design at the Rhode Island
School of Design from 1962 to 1985
The Woodworking Centre of
Why Wood?
 Beautiful
 Versatile
o delicate furniture
o high rise buildings
 Sustainable
 Secondary processing creates high
value jobs
What’s New?
 Weeke 4-Axis CNC Router
 AutoCAD / Inventor 2013
 Tapeless Veneer Splicer
 Cross Cut Veneer Guillotine
 Virtual Spray Simulator System
 CNC Dovetailer
 Felder Slot Mortiser
Our Faculty
Steve Bader
Mark Bramer
Richard Bruckeder
Mark Forgeron
Martin Grinwis
Dennis Harlock – Program Coordinator
Camelia Irimie
Chris Meier
Dennis O’Reilly
Ted Padfield
Student Projects
Our Programs
Full - Time Two Year
 Woodworking Technician
Full - Time Three Year with Co-op
 Woodworking Technology
Note: All full time programs have a common first Semester
Cabinetmaking Apprenticeship
 All three levels (Basic, Intermediate,
Our Programs
Full - Time Two Year
 Woodworking Technician
 Production
 Machine Operator
 Supervisor
Our Programs
Full - Time Three Year with Co-op
 Woodworking Technology
 Design
 Engineering
 Management
Our Programs
Cabinetmaking Apprenticeship (Three Levels)
 Custom furniture & cabinets
Our Programs
All of our programs cover the full range of the
woodworking industry:
Furniture Making
Architectural Woodworking
Program Highlights
Traditional Craftsmanship
 Design, Construction, Machining
 CAD, CNC, Tooling
 Time & Motion, Testing & Analysis, Facilities
 Supervision, Planning & Control Systems, QA
Program Extras
 Various field trips to local businesses
 Woodworking Exhibition in Toronto every 2
 Guest Speakers
 Free CAD and Inventor Downloads
Our Facility
 Commissioned in 1988
 50,000 Square Feet
 One of only four such facilities in
the world
Our Facility
 Paid Co-op jobs
 Past Co-op Jobs
Assistant Drafting Project Manager – JG Group of Companies
Restoration Technician – Franks
Wood Machinist - George Guenzler and Sons
Co-op Product Engineer – Krug and Sons
Carpenter’s Assistant – JWS Woodworking
Cabinetmaker – Mantel’s Plus
Cabinetmaker’s Assistant - Masterpiece
Woodworking Associate – Hospberger Lumber
Stair/Handrail Assembler – Bolton Railings
CNC Programmer/Operator – Bolton Railings
Skills Canada
 Conestoga students medaled and competed at
world level
 Internal competition yearly between classmates
 Regional, Provincial, and National competitions
Conestoga College
Doon Campus
Rec Centre
Important Dates
College Fair (Doon)
Thursday October 18, 2012
11:30am – 1:30pm and 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Open House (Doon)
Saturday November 24th, 2012
1:00pm – 3:00pm
Estimated Expenses
Certificate and Diploma
Average Cost
Additional Costs
Ancillary Fees
$700 - $1200
Books and Woodworking Project Fees
Living at Home
$4500 - $8000
Away from Home add:
Rent and Utilities
Other/ Personal
Total of Approximately $14,500 - $18,500
Financial Aid
OSAP (Student Loan)
Bursaries and Awards
Student Jobs
Financial Aid Office
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