LinkedIn Profile Checklist Provide an Compose a clear and concise header: information

LinkedIn Profile Checklist
Compose a clear and concise header:
- Add a professional
head shot.
- Photo should only
include yourself (no
group pictures).
- Dress should be
interview attire.
- Headline should be
short and incorporate
industry-specific terms.
List your relevant
- Include experiences that line up
with your professional goals.
- Provide brief descriptions with
lots of keywords.
- Focus on your accomplishments
and positive outcomes.
This section is much shorter than
your resume, do not copy & paste.
Request recommendations
from colleagues:
- These should be people that
have worked with you
- Review any recommendations
to ensure they are appropriate
and not repetitive.
Tip: LinkedIn works a lot like Google, so the more
frequently you use industry-specific terms and
descriptions that match the career you are seeking,
the higher you will appear in search results.
Provide an
- Describe your
and areas of
- Mention
goals and
ambitions for
the future.
List your education:
- All degrees earned and in progress
should be listed from most recent
in reverse order.
- Do not list schools where a degree
or certification was not completed.
Add your skills & expertise:
- Skills should be 1 to 3 words, keep
them short and relevant.
- Choose industry keywords that
LinkedIn already recognizes.
- Endorse your connections’ skills so
that they are encouraged to
endorse you.
Follow groups and companies:
- Find professional organizations in
your career field.
- Follow potential employers to
keep up with company culture
and news.
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