Early African Civilizations

 “Hey Day” : 750 B.C. Kush conquered Egypt , 25th Pharaonic
Major Export : Ivory, Incense, Ebony, Iron, Leopard Skins
Natural Resources : Iron Ore, Forests (wood), Gold Mines
Industries : Trading, Farming, Mining, Defense
Crops : Fertile Soil, Variety of Crops, Cotton
Economic Specialization : Farmers, Miners, Blacksmiths,
Soldiers, Traders
Famous People : Pharaoh Piye, King Kasta
People : Similar to Egypt class system, Warrior Civilization,
Mass Graves for Monarchs and Courtiers
Religion : Polytheistic, Believed in Egyptian Gods originally
but eventually Kush Gods replaced the Egyptian Gods
 Civilization broke off from Egypt
 Located in the Upper Nile Valley
 Also called Nubia meaning the “Land of Gold”
 Major Cities were Napata and Meroё
 Used Hieroglyphics and later developed their own
 Roman influence in architecture
 Land of the Bow