Across Down 1. pathway to enlightenment 2. created by Athens to unite Greece

1. pathway to enlightenment
7. was it really about a girl?
14. hieroglyphics are written on this
16. Pericles led the _________ _____ of Athens
17. was Octavian
18. Japanese religion
20. the two heads of the republic
22. great invention of Gutenberg
26. period of time for Alexander the Great
29. we have a sun god, rain god, fire god and many others
31. these people can really write
32. way up in the Andes Mountains of Peru
33. created a code which lasted a long time
34. color of royalty
37. creator of the first empire
40. language of Rome
41. trade route of the Orient
42. its very windy in India
43. people who move from place to place
45. Egyptians sun god
46. another name for Siddhartha
47. William the Conqueror united this country
50. Jews read this book
53. Scipio vs. Hannibal
55. Da Vinci painting
57. you can find this in Jerusalem
59. Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates
60. early city of Sumer
61. Chichen Itza
62. belief of Abraham
67. the Phoenicians gave us this
68. Machiavelli's book about power
72. Wedge shaped writing
73. Paleolithic
2. created by Athens to unite Greece
3. an eye for an eye
4. a very holy city to Islam
5. Pope Urban II gets this started
6. stupid fleas and rats
8. stabbed in the back
9. the Gupta empire gave us this number
10. united upper and lower Egypt
11. a skilled worker
12. means land between the rivers
13. Mathew Mark Luke and John
15. lets bury our pharaoh here
19. a plain column
21. lower class Romans
23. what’s my next life going to be
24. the fighters of Greece
25. Cyrus the great showed a lot of this
27. Moses leading the Hebrews out of Egypt
28. lets go watch some chariot races
30. founder of Islam
35. walks upright on 2 feet
36. led by Genghis Khan
38. church then a mosque
39. west Africa trade
44. the gods need blood....lots of blood
48. how India planned their cities
49. river of the Egyptians
51. Joan of Arc helps this side
52. emperor who created civil service exam
54. a Hindu has reached enlightenment
56. Chinese yellow silt
58. city of the Minoans
63. Michelangelo sculpture
64. rulers are gods!
65. Chinese priests need to talk to the gods
66. Roman catholic and Eastern Orthodox
69. filial piety means respect your_______
70. Christian son of God
71. place where Islam spread stopped