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Ms. Ritchie
About Ms. Ritchie
• First Year at St. Mary’s
• 2nd Year Teaching
• Kent State Graduate
• Live in Perry Township
• 2 cats and 1 dog
• Love cats, jigsaw puzzles, food, and obviously
math and science.
Ms. Ritchie’s Website
• “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help
you. If you are determined to learn, no one
can stop you.”
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Classroom Tour
• Where do I put
Book bags
Lunch Boxes
• Where can I find…
Pencil Sharpener
Daily Tasks
Turn in trays
Absent Work
Lab Supplies
Class Rules
• Be in your seat on time and prepared for
• Do not talk while the teacher is talking
• Always raise your hand to speak
• Follow directions the first time they are given
• Respect others and their things
Class Procedures
When I need your attention
When working in groups
When taking a test
To leave the class (restroom, office, etc.)
When asking a question
When giving a response
Turning in finished work
Sharpening a pencil
When you finish early
When you are absent
Classroom Consequences
• Consequence vs. Punishment
• Color System
Purple: Excellent Behavior (Small reward)
Green: Good Behavior
Yellow: Warning
Orange: Email Home and Consequence
(Sit alone for lunch, Extra Assignment, etc.)
➢ Red: Call Home, After School Detention, and Principal involvement.
• Fresh Start on Green Daily
• Recorded daily, Greens in Newsletter
• Results of severe or repeated behavior issues
Homework Policy
• Missing Homework is not being prepared for
class and will be a clip move
• Missing Homework:
1- Warning
2-Pink Slip (Signed)
3-Lunch Detention (Call Home)
4 and more- After School Detention
• Starts Fresh Every Nine Weeks
I’m finished… Now what?
• Read a Book! (Please keep a book at all times)
• Start Homework
• Technology Fridays
➢Not applicable if missing work or have had
your clip moved more than once.
➢No cell phones
Math Class Procedures
• Assignment/Objective on front board
• Write down homework assignments
• Morning Work
• Homework check
• Start Lesson
• Start homework
Math Supplies and Books
• Text:
Holt: Middle School Math Course 2 (7th)
Holt: Pre-Algebra (8th and 7th Honors)
• Simple Solutions
• 1 folder
• 1 notebook
• Calculator
• Pencil only!
Calculator Use
• Need Scientific Calculator
• Make sure your name is on it!
• Used only when teacher instructs
• May always use to check homework
Math Homework
• Homework will be given Mon.-Thurs.
• You should check your answers in the back and
• Collected and graded once a week (surprise!)
• Write NEATLY!
• Name, Date, Assignment
• Skip Lines
• Circle Answers
• Check Work!
• Mark problems you need help with
Science Class Procedures
• Assignment/Object on front board
• Write down homework assiginments
• Homework check
• Start Lesson
• Start homework last 5 min.
Lab Safety
• It is VERY Important that you FOLLOW ALL
DIRECTIONS during lab times.
• Side table
• Lab Safety Contract
Science Supplies and Homework
• Text: Holt (Physical, Life, and Earth)
• Simple Solutions
• 1 folder
• 1 notebook
• Pencil or Pen
Health Supplies and Homework
• Monday, Wednesday, Friday
(Study Hall Tuesday and Thursday)
• 7th Grade Health
➢Text: Glencoe Teen Health Corse 3
➢Lots of Group work and projects
• 8th Grade Health
Grade will be based on:
• Grading Scale and Policy Handouts
• Weekly Quizzes
• Chapter Tests
• Homework (Homework Policy)
• In-class assignments
• Projects
• Behavior/Participation
• Extra Credit
• Re-Takes
Absent Work
• Absent Work Folders
• Absent Work Partners
• Number of Days to Make Up Work
➢Same as the number of days missed
Class Jobs
• Messenger
• Lunch
• Attendance
• Chalk Boards (2 Students)
• Erasers