Bring to class EVERYDAY
 Math Folder
 Your FINISHED homework
Show respect for yourself and others by:
 Listening and taking notes
 Allowing others in class to do the same
You are expected to NOT interfere with learning
or teaching in the class.
Be here so you do not get behind!
Your students should be prepared for class each day.
Your students should bring their math folder home
each day.
 They should have notes and example problems to help
with homework.
 If they tell you they finish homework at school they
should bring home the folder to show the assignment is
complete allowing you the opportunity to look it over.
Please understand 6th grade math contains over 70%
new material. Attendance, taking notes, and
completing assignments is very important for the
pace of this class.
Always try and do your best work.
Show your work at all times so I can see where
you are making a mistake if your answer is
 Be at school so you do not get behind. This class
moves quickly. If you must be out, be sure to
copy notes and do missed work the next day.
 Be respectful, Be responsible, Follow directions
 If you interfere with learning or teaching you
will have consequences.
 If you do not complete your work/assignments
you will have consequences. NO EXCUSES.
Walk right, talk right, do right!
Keep traffic moving. Do not stop to talk.
Take up as little space as possible while at
your locker.
Be courteous to others near you.
Keep them clean.
No permanent decorations.
No storing of food for longer than a day.
11:50 to 12:00
Halls must be clear by 11:55.
We will form two lines down the C hall.
One whistle = freeze
Two whistles = line up
Lunch boxes will line up to go back down C
hall & to the cafeteria.
Lunch trays will line up and walk around back
to the cafeteria.
Be in room C108 by 11:54 with pen/pencil and know
what to do.
If you are late or with out needed supplies you earn
another day.
You will sign in the designated area. You will write the
date, your name, and the teacher’s name for which
you are serving detention.
You will work on your re-thinking letter/essay each
day until complete and checked by detention teacher.
You will remain in your seat until you are dismissed
and walked to the cafeteria in a line. (bring your lunch
box or $ to detention).
 Fastest way to contact and receive a response is by
email: johnsonm@van.sprnet.org
 School Phone: 903-963-1461
▪ Conference Time: 2:19-3:10
Late work is minus 20 points per day late.
If a student is absent one day is given to make up
the assignment.
Corrections may be done at teacher discretion in a
timely manner.