The TRIUMPH Series “Simply the Best”

The TRIUMPH Series
“A New Industry Standard”
Superior Engineering and
Aerospace Quality
• Designed by an
aerospace engineer
• Meets aerospace
• Our equipment is
made like no other
Our Manufacturing Complex
• 55,000 sq ft
manufacturing facility
• Operated under strict
quality controls for the
highest quality
equipment available
Our Steel is:
Precision welded
Laser cut
Full commercial
2” x 4”
11 Gauge (120 wall)
High tensile
Laser Cutting Technology
• Every part of every
piece is Laser Cut
• Top precision and
tolerances possible
• You won’t find a
single chop saw in
our plant!
Stylish, Modern Look
• Beautiful neutral
marine blue
upholstery on a matte
finish silver frame
• Brightens any club
Made to Fit many Body Types
• All of our equipment is made to accommodate a
250 lb user, safely and comfortably without
being oversized for a 100 lb user!
Quality Inspected
• Everything is preassembled at the plant to insure
our high standards are met
• Each piece must pass inspection and be signed
by an inspector prior to shipment
• All equipment is premade and pre-tested
before shipping
• Quick lead times!
Superior Features and
Steel Unbreakable Weight Stacks
• Selectorized plates
made from solid steel
• Magnetic tipped
selectorized pin for
extra safety
• Our plates will not
break even if
dropped, unlike cast
iron plates!
Swiveling Handles
• Special swiveling
handles provide
stress relief on wrists
during workout
• Increases the
effectiveness of your
Instructional Placards
• Easy to understand
detail placards
• Minimize the need for
staff supervision
• Members will “get it
right” the first time
• Proper use equals
increased safety!
Stainless Steel Tracks
• Super Tough
stainless steel tracks
provide superior
durability and
• The same tracking as
used on Aircraft
Hanger Doors!
Nickel Plated Bar Holders
• Nickel plated, Laser Cut, High resistant wear
surfaces on bar holders protect the frame finish
High Grade Rubber Injected
• Compressed Rubber /
Foam pads for
extreme durability
• 2 ½” thick pads
provide comfort for
the largest users
• ¾” Marine grade
plywood subsurface
for increased stability
Wheelchair Accessibility
• Wider design on selected pieces allows
wheelchair accessibility
• Makes your club usable by everyone!
Upgraded Rubber Feet
• Oversized Rubber Feet protect floor surface
• All equipment features bolt-down holes for those
who want to affix the equipment to the floor
Aerospace Industry Bolts
• Aerospace grade
Nickel Plated bolts
and washers
• Self locking washer –
will not loosen!
Oversized Tubing
• Massive steel tubing
• Up to 3 ½” on
selected pieces
• Increased safety and
stability while working
Upgraded Weight Storage
• Integrated nickel chrome plated weight storage
posts on Olympic Benches and more!
Weight Stack Enclosures
• Front and Rear
weight stack
enclosures enhance
• Steel shrouds for
increased resilience
• Beautiful modern look
Massive Shafting
• Huge 3” Shafting on selected pieces provides a
smooth ride
• Cold rolled, Nickel plated, Steel shafting instead
of chrome plating to allow equipment to maintain
a new appearance even under hardcore usage
Customizable Workouts
• Pre-Stretch starting
• Range of Motion
(ROM) adjustments
• Allows for a
customized workout
Color Touch Points
• Bright yellow color
touch points show
exactly where
changes are made
• Making adjustments
to a machine has
never been safer or
High End Popper Pins
• Smooth gas assisted
pneumatic pop pin
• Increased safety
• Easy to use
Additional Features:
• Rubber Encased, Sealed Linear Bearings
• Additional Handles where necessary to aid
in exiting the machine
• All equipment comes serialized for easy
part replacement
• Pivot points positioned to assure proper
user alignment during the workout
Elevation Series: basic, classic gym equipment
Pro Series: professional quality, budget pricing
Meander: multi-stations for the vertical market
Cardio: full commercial products for your gym