Quiz Example

Ch. 10 Gases
Honor Pledge:
You MUST show all of your work or no credit will be given for the problem.
Convert the following pressures:
a. 780 Torr = ________ mmHg
c. 700 Torr = _________kPa
b. 698 mmHg = ________Pa
d. 100kPa = __________atm
Calculate the new volume when 450.0mL of a gas is cooled from 60.0°C to 20.0°C at constant
Name the gas law ________________
3. A volume of gas is originally at a temperature of 20°C and has a pressure of 0.930atm. If the
volume remains constant and the temperature increases to 30°C, calculate the new pressure.
Name the gas law_______________
4. If a 2.0 L sample of gas experiences a decrease in pressure from 1.74atm to 0.555atm at 25°C,
what is the resulting volume (in L) at 25°C?
Name the gas law________________
If at constant temperature, the volume of a flask equipped with a moveable piston is reduced to
¼ its original volume, what must happen to the pressure?