Greek God or Goddess Powerpoint Project

Language Arts -7th
grade- Mrs. Souhrada
Quarter 1 project
Greek God or Goddess Powerpoint Project
You and your partner will spend time in class and completing homework to learn as
much as you possibly can about your Greek God or Goddess. You will also need to
read and summarize the myths that feature him or her.
Research Components for your God or Goddess
PowerPoint Presentation
DIRECTIONS: Research and create a powerpoint on the 10 components listed
1. Name - Both Greek and Roman
2. Physical appearance
3. Area or domain of influence (god of music, goddess of the family and home, god
of war, etc..)
4. Strengths or talents (he can control the weather, she can fly, he can manipulate
a man’s dreams)
5. Personality traits and flaws (falls in love with everyone, becomes easily jealous,
has a bad temper)
6. Symbols or objects that he or she is seen with or that fits his or her traits
(trident, lightning bolt)
7. Relationships to other gods, goddesses, heroes and monsters. Who are his or
her family members? (father or mother of ____, daughter or son to __)
8. Who are your god’s or goddess’ enemies? Who do they punish or become
angered by?
9. Who are your god’s or goddess’ allies and friends? Who do they help? Who are
they seen with in myths?
10. Greek myth summary - Read at least one myth that features your god or
goddess. Using your own words summarize the myth.
Language Arts -7th grade
- Mrs. Souhrada
Quarter 1 project
Assignments and Due Dates:
Monday - Project discussion and choose god or goddess to research
Tuesday- 9/16/14- class time - research
Wednesday - 9/17/14 - class time - research and begin working on power point
Thursday - 9/18/14- class time - research and continue working on power point start summarizing myth
Friday -9/19/14- class time - Finish powerpoint, finish summarizing myth
Monday 9/22/14 & Tuesday 9/23/14 - class time - you and your partner will give a
powerpoint presentation in class over your god or goddess research.
Homework: Time at home may be needed to review research, write out
information or add to powerpoint. Allocate your time wisely.
Resources to use:
1. Books located on the book cart (put books back on the cart when you finish)
2. Websites listed below and on my homework page located on the teacher portion
of the school website.
- click on available articles and use the alphabetized list
- links on the left have “mythology” “Heroes”