Suhaib Sbaitan

Suhaib Sbaitan
Al-Ssafa neighborhood, city of Dammam, Eastern Province
Mobile No.: +96659 - 932 - 4299
Full Name: Suhaib Khaled (Moh. Jebreel) Sbaitan
Gender: Male
Date of Birth/place: September 24, 1993/Saudi Arabia
Nationality: Jordan
Marital Status: Single
*Note: I have a Saudi residence permit transferable
Industrial engineer, excellent in operations management, six-sigma and supply chain
management. Well-qualified, energetic, positive and effective.
Obtaining the position of a junior industrial engineer where I can upgrade my knowledge about
industrial engineering and acquire competence in applying engineering principles to practical
Industrial Engineer seeking position in firm to utilize skills in designing, developing, testing
and evaluating integrated systems for managing industrial production and increase firm’s
output. Locking for production engineering position where I can improve the productivity rate
and minimize the wastes as much as possible.
Core Competencies
Good analytical and problem solving skills.
Well organized and flexible: Ability to deal with dynamic environment.
Communication and customer handling skills.
Proficient knowledge of the industrial engineering principles and application methods.
Impeccable observational skills that help to grasp the prevailing the conditions.
Efficient at grasping details of new technology and imbibing them in work promptly.
* Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering
-Hashemite University, Zarqa, Jordan
-September, 2011 – September, 2015
-‘Good’ rating
-Subjects studied: cost analysis, project management, quality control, production planning and
control, operation research, total quality management, statistical analysis, simulation, safety
engineering, time and motion study, operation management, manufacturing processes,
CAD/CAM, material properties and fundamentals of machine elements design, industrial
automation, automatic control.
*Secondary School Certificate in science
-Makah Secondary School, Dammam, Saudi Arabia
-August, 2010 – May, 2011
-‘Excellent’ rating
Creative problem solving for technical and administrative problems by using various and
effective techniques.
Strong time management skills prioritize and do a job very nicely to the fullest.
Good common sense and continuous drive for improvement processes, increasing
production and lowering costs.
Leadership, communication and teamwork skills.
High ability to understanding and analyzing problems, and excellent dealing with
statistical methods.
Good ability to assist in managing and dealing with projects (project management).
Computer/software skills:
Microsoft office (word, PowerPoint, MS project and excel)
Arena and Pro-model (engineering simulation software)
Catia and Pro-engineering (CAD/CAM software)
Mini-tab (statistical software)
AutoCAD 2D (engineering drawing)
1- Arabic: Mother language.
2- English: Advanced in (writing, reading, speaking and listening)
1- Supply chain and procurement management introduction, from Jordan Engineers
19-26 June, 2014
2- Certified six sigma-yellow belt, from Institution of Industrial Engineering.
5-17 September, 2015
3- TOT-training course, from King Abdulla II Fund for Development.
14 March-5 April, 2014
4- TQM-7 Quality Tools, from Continuous Improvement Association.
21-28 March, 2015
5- Communication skills, from King Abdulla II Fund for Development.
7-16 April, 2015
6- Technical Training Level 2 (Heat Exchanger, Pumps, Compressors, Principles of Electricity,
Furnaces and Distillation), from Global Tender Center.
7- MATLAB – introduction workshop.
Statistical Analysis
Hashemite University
March, 2015 – April, 2015
Performed data collection and statistical analysis that resulted in transportation
recommendations that were adopted by department.
Lean Management by Simulation
Hikma Pharmaceuticals
February, 2015 – May, 2015
Data collected for the machines and analyzed by Arena that reduced both value added
and non-value added, also increasing in productivity rate.
Fine Hygienic Paper Company
July, 2015 – September, 2015
Time-and-Motion study for locally shipment, designed and developed the DRP system,
reduced costs by 10,500 JD by eliminating shift B
1- Eng. Salah Saleh
Programming Engineering
+966 55 344 7141
2- Eng. Yazan Yassen
Mechanical Engineering
+966 59 887 7777