The Marketing Mix

The Marketing Mix
 Product
 Place (distribution)
 Price
 Promotion
 Also known as “The Four P’s”
 What you offer to a customer
 It can be a service
 Haircut
 Auto repair
 It can be an item
 X-Box 360
 Toothbrush
 It can be an event
 The Z100 Jingle Ball
 Movie
 Where a customer finds the product and how it
gets there
Store location – Street or mall (bricks & mortar)
Mail order catalog – LL Bean
Online –
Auction – Ebay or in person auction
Customer directed – you customize your own
 More common now than ever before because of online
 The Prosumer – a customer who drives how a
product is made and delivered
 How much consumers will pay
 What did the materials cost the manufacturer
 How much will it cost to distribute
 How much of a profit does the company need to
 How much should I charge for it
 Is the price aligned with similar products
 Have you ever bought something and then saw
it for less somewhere else?
 How to increase customer awareness and
bring them to purchase
 Celebrity Endorsement
 Sales promotions (buy one get one free)
 Sweepstakes/Contests
 Free samples
 Product Placement
 Define Marketing
 What are the 4 P’s?
 Give an example of each of the 4 P’s
 What is the term we used for consumers
who drive companies to customize their
4 P’s Assignment
 Analyze the product you created for the WSI
using the 4 P’s
 Product
 Place
 Price
 Promotion