East Hamilton High Honors French 3 and 4 2015

East Hamilton High
Honors French 3 and 4
Course Syllabus
1 Holidays
review of vocabulary, regular verbs, possessive adjectives, telling time, dates,
aller, être, à and de contractions, adjective agreement/ placement, futur proche,
avoir, faire, questions, negation, "pas de"
* all review grammar
2 Paris
professions, adjectives, early/late, the recent past, passé composé with avoir
adjectives, mettre, prendre, voir, irregular past participles, ce/cette, comparisons,
zoo animals, commands, superlatives
* all review grammar
3 In France
places in the country, transportation, irregular -ir verbs, passé composé with
être, prepositions with geography, farm animals, dormir and lire, ordinal numbers,
words ending in -eau, food, restaurants, pouvoir, vouloir, devoir, falloir, partitive
4 Daily Life
bathroom, reflexive verbs, appliances, chores, reflexive commands, s'asseoir,
grooming articles, wedding expressions, passé composé of reflexives
Midterm Exam
5 Sport and Leisure sports, offrir, courir, direct object pronouns (me, te, nous, vous)
TV shows, direct object pronouns (le, la, les), leisure, music, direct object
pronouns in passé composé, past tense : imparfait
6 The Maghreb
post office, jewelry, dire, ouvrir, qui/que, accessories, écrire, indirect object
pronouns (lui, leur), banking, indirect object pronouns (me, te, nous, vous)
Final Exam
Journal writing must be done daily in class.
Outside reading and projects are requirements for honors classes.
Learning a foreign language involves the 5C's:
Communication, Cultures, Connections,
Comparisons and Communities.
We use the 3 modes of communication:
Interpretive (reading and listening),
(listening/speaking and reading/writing)
and Presentational (speaking and writing).
Tennessee Foreign Language Standards
In French courses students will:
Communicate in French
Gain knowledge of Francophone cultures
Connect with other disciplines
Develop insight into the nature of language and culture
Participate in global society