Salient Contents of Book on 'Procurement Procedures and

Salient Contents of Book on ‘Procurement Procedures and Contracting’
Mr. Subodh Garg
Director General
B.E (Electrical Engg.)
Mr. J.S.S. Rao
Principal Director
B.Tech. (Electrical Engg.), M.E (Power Systems)
Ms. Bhawana Choudhary
Assistant Director
B.E. (E&C), PG Diploma in Management (IIM-L)
Chapter 1.
Purchase Management:
 Definition & Objectives
Chapter 2.
Purchase Planning and Indenting:
 Grouping for Planning
Chapter 3.
 ABC Classification
Tendering and Bidding:
 Method of Tendering
 Content of Bid Documents
Chapter 4.
General Purchase Conditions:
 Guarantee Period
 Differential Price
Chapter 5.
 Repeat Order and Quantity
 Model General Purchase
Bid Opening and Evaluation:
 Bid Opening
 Pre – Requisites to Evaluation
Chapter 6.
 Bid Document Pricing
 Bid Clarification
 Preliminary Evaluation
 Detailed Evaluation
Placement of Letter of Award:
 Post Bid discussions/Pre-award  Distribution of LoA
 Preparation & Issue of LoA
 Preparation & Signing of Contract
Chapter 7.
Post Award Execution:
 Acceptance of Letter of Award
 Post Award Follow Up
Chapter 8.
 Release of Final Payment
 Completion of Contract
Bank Guarantees:
 Types of Bank Guarantee
 Invocation of Bank Guarantee
 Receipt and handling of Bank  Release of Bank Guarantee
Chapter 9.
General Financial Rules (GFR) relevant for Procurement / Contracting:
 Various Clauses of GFR
Chapter 10. Inventory and Inventory Management :
 Factors influencing Inventory
 Economic Order Quantity
 Inventory Control System
 Methods of Controlling
Chapter 11. E-Procurement:
 What is e-procurement?
 Why e-procurement?
 The benefits of e-procurement
 e-procurement and traditional
procurement : Process
Chapter 12. Import Purchasing:
 Highlights of Import Policy
 Bill of Entry (B/E)
 Bill of Lading and other Similar  Registration of Contracts under
‘Project Import’
Chapter 13. Incoterms 2010:
 Introduction
 Incoterms 2010
 Rules for
Chapter 14. Procurement under World Bank Guidelines:
 Introduction
 International Competitive Bidding
 Other Methods of Procurement
Chapter 15. Indian Contract Act:
 Classification of Contracts
 Contingent Contract
 Discharge of Contracts
 Difference between a contract of
indemnity and a contract of
Chapter 16. Arbitration & Conciliation Act:
 Objectives of the Act
 The salient features of the Act
 Enforcement of Foreign Awards
 Conciliation
Chapter 17. Taxes & Duties relevant for Procurement:
 Purpose of Taxation
 Direct Taxes in India
 Types of Taxes in India
 Indirect Tax in India
Chapter 18. Various types of Insurances:
 Distinction between reinsurance  Doctrine of Contribution
and double insurance
 Doctrine of Subrogation
 Contractors All Risk Insurance
Chapter 19. Procurement of Services under Public Private Partnership (PPP) Mode:
 Project Financing
 Public-Private
Chapter 20. Joint Venture Contract:
 Introduction
 The Joint Venture Vs Consortium
Chapter 21. CVC Guidelines on Procurement :
 Various Circulars/OMs etc
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