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Government Rules of Sourcing

An overview

Meeting name

Meeting date

What are the Rules?

Government Rules of Sourcing

 New Rules replace the Mandatory Rules of

Procurement by Departments (2006)

 Endorsed by Cabinet

 Come into effect 1 October 2013

Why are the Rules important?

 Set the standard for procurement

 Strengthen accountability

 More consistent process

 Encourage commercial practice

 Get more suppliers involved in delivering to government

Who do the Rules apply to?





Rule 6

When do they apply?

Value thresholds have not changed.

Value threshold Type of procurement

• Goods

• Services

• Refurbishment works

• New construction works

$100,000 +

$10 million +

Rules 7 & 8

What does this mean for us?

Key changes

 Rules #1 = apply the Principles

 10 day rule gone – new minimum time periods

 Allowable reductions can shorten time periods

 Evaluation criteria published in the tender

 Rank or weight criteria

 E-auctions

 Unsolicited unique proposal

 MBIE review of significant business cases

Our implementation plan


• Attend MBIE briefing

• Notify staff – intranet campaign

• Update our policy

• Brief managers

• Train procurement staff

• Rules ‘go live’

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