Is the PPEA Process Right for You?

Is the PPEA Process Right for You?
VASCUPP Conference
Christopher D. Lloyd
September 25, 2013
Why A New Procurement Tool?
• Creates a consistent, repeatable, predictable process for
alternative project delivery
• Ensures transparency and accountability to the public
• Increases competition and value delivery
• Signals legislative support for the process
• Checks and balances to reduce project delivery problems
• Spur innovation and creative project approaches
Procurement Process
• Have you adopted PPEA guidelines?
• What other state procurement tools are open to me
(impacted by Tier status)?
• What other non-state procurement tools are available (real
estate foundations, etc.)?
• What in-house capabilities do I have for review or do I
need outside experts?
Property Issues
Who will own the project?
What approvals are required for a lease?
Is the land encumbered through deed or bond covenant?
What level of gubernatorial approval is required?
How does the project fit into the campus master plan?
Finance Issues
• What is my debt capacity and is it affected by the project?
• What is the repayment plan and how is the plan treated?
• How does the project encumber other campus projects or
• Are there sufficient financial benefits from using nontraditional funding sources?
• Is developer looking for a financial commitment, a support
agreement, or just the right to be in your “aura?”
• Will Treasury Board approval be required for the financing
Political and Policy Issues
• Is legislative pre-authorization necessary?
• What oversight role will the Board of Visitors play?
• Clearing the Public Private Partnership Advisory
• What happens if there is a default?
• How will student fees be impacted?
Dealing with the Host Community
• If the project is off campus, what role will the host
community play in zoning and oversight?
• Will the host community have any financial role in the
• If the project has joint uses, which entity will manage the
procurement process? Who is in charge after the project
is complete?
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