AP Biology Digital Agenda Sept 6 2012

Alliance Cindy and Bill Simon Technology Academy
Digital Agenda- Week _5_
Dates: 9/6
Essential question:
What characteristics distinguish prokaryotic, eukaryotic, and viral cells from each other?
What organelles/cell structures differentiate plant and animal cells?
What macromolecules compose the cell membrane, and what is there function their function?
How are molecules transported into and out of cells?
Teacher: Carr
Date: 9/6
Do Now: students will independently research and answer short answer questions on cell biology, focusing on various cell organelles and the cell membrane.____
1a.)Students know cells are enclosed within semipermeable membranes that regulate their interaction with their surroundings.
1j.)Students know how eukaryotic cells are given shape and internal organization by a cytoskeleton or cell wall or both.
Learning Objective (s): SWBAT
differentiate prokaryotic cells, eukaryotic cells, and viruses from each other by examining structure,complexity, and size.
compare and contrast plant and animal cells.
describe the structure and function of the cell membrane.
explain the various methods through which molecules are transported into and out of the cell.
Cell Biology Quiz II 1a.- students will complete a multiple choice assessment on standard
District/State Assessments-Benchmark I. Oct.3-7
Summative Test (Cell Biology)
Bloom’s level of these assessments:
Quizzes and Exit Slips-Comprehension, Synthesis, Analysis, Summative Test-All ranges
Bloom’s level of this assessment: Exit Slips-Comprehension, Summative Test-All ranges
Whole Group
Independent / Computer Assisted Activity
Direct Instruction
PPT/Interactive Notes-Cell Biology Chap 6 Part IV.-students will complete
interactive notes on the PPT listed above by editing, highlighting, and posing
further questions. The students will then answer several short questions on the
information they learned.____
BioPlace-Cell Membrane Tutorial-students will independently complete an
online tutorial on the cell membrane.___
Cell Analogy Project (due 9/11)-students will independently complete an
analogy using cells.____
(post-lab quiz)Enzyme Lab-students will in groups
collaboratively complete a lab demonstrating the
properties of enzymes.___