CESL/COMM 1003 * Library Orientation Assignment

COMM 1003 Library Assignment (2015)
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Throughout the Library Instruction Class you will become familiar with the GBC
Library Learning Commons and website: http://www.georgebrown.ca/llc/. Apply
what you have learned to complete this assignment (worth ___ of your final grade).
1. Name five different kinds of materials available through the library.
2. Name at least two problems you may encounter by using Google and/or
Wikipedia for your research.
3. What kinds of questions should you ask to determine whether a source is reliable?
Name at least three. (HINT: some of the answers begin with the letters WH).
4. Find one book AND one eBook related to your field of study using the library’s
homepage. Record the following information for each:
Book Title
Call Number
eBook Title
Year of Publication
COMM 1003 Library Assignment (2015)
5. Write down the name of an academic journal or magazine related to your field
of study.
6. The Librarian will introduce you to basic searching skills using the Library’s
“Search Everything” database. Select a topic below, or choose your own, and record
your search strategy. What keywords did you use?
Local Food/ Slow Food/Organic Food
Eco Tourism / Culinary Tourism
Technology & Food, Hospitality, or Travel
Canadian Tourism/International Destinations
Hotel Management
New Trends in Restaurants & Dining
Special Events / Conventions / Festivals
Molecular Gastronomy
Vegetarian/Vegan Diets
Demographics and Food, Hospitality or Travel
Food Trucks / Street Food
Toronto Food, Tourism, & Travel
Search keywords used:
7. Using “Search Everything,” find one article that you would use to support your
research and record the following information:
Title of article
Source (Title of Journal)
Date of publication
Number of pages
Subject terms
8. What is an abstract?
9. List three ways you can get help through the George Brown Library.
10. Complete the Academic Honesty Tutorial: