Professional approach to professional language need in the

Professional approach to
professional language need in the
Hospitality industry –feedback on
the project results
Genovaitė Dudėnienė
Hospitality Industry
The hospitality industry consists of broad
category of fields within the service industry that
lodging, restaurants, event planning, theme
parks, transportation, cruise line, and additional
fields within the tourism industry.
The industry is divided into sectors according to the
skill-sets required for the work involved.
Sectors include accommodation, food and
beverage, meeting and events, gaming,
entertainment and recreation, tourism services, and
visitor information.
• The hospitality industry is major service sector
in the world economy. The industry encompass
an extensive variety of service industries that
include food service, tourism and hotels.
Anyone who wants to be a successful
professional in the fields must have the
knowledge of English up to a standard level to
meet the demand of the guests.
in Year 2011
• 371 372 foreign visitors
• 699 Hotels
• 5906 Employees
Purpose of Travel
1- Sightseeing
2- Relaxation
3- Sport
4- Special Interest
5- Shopping
6- Business
7- Governmental
• 50% Non English Speaking Hoteliers and
Restaurateurs works at Hospitality industry
around the world.
“Guest is always the king”
People are ready to pay huge amount for a
leisure trip and hence they also have some
expectations like good facilities.
• All hoteliers or restaurateurs have to face some
difficult embrassing situations in their
professional life.….
Benefits of TOOL TIPLS Project
I. For Employees
II. For Managers
I. For Employees
• To improve their English skills
• To be more competitive in labour sector
I. For Managers and Owners
• Find more skilled staff
• Be more competitive among their competitors
• The sole hope of this tool is to improve the
English language skills of persons desiring to
provide improved services to hotel guests, to
enhance the persons employability, and just
maybe increase their income stream by
increasing the size of their tips !!!