Hospitality and Tourism Grade 10~TFJ20

Hospitality and Tourism
Grade 10~TFJ20
Course Title: Hospitality and Tourism Technology
Grade: 10
Credit Value: 1
Support Document: The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 9 and 10
Technological Education
Teachers: Mrs. Furfaro
Chef P. Darrach
Course Description
This course will emphasize scope of the hospitality and tourism industry.
Through the daily operations of our school cafeteria students will study and
practice food handling techniques, health and safety standards, food preparation
and the use of specialized tools and equipment. They will begin to explore the 5
major components of travel and tourism with an emphasis on activities in Ontario.
Professional food service standards of behavior will be in effect in the kitchen,
thereby helping to develop effective communication and management skills.
Students will have an opportunity to investigate and identify a variety of career
opportunities in the hospitality and tourism field through research, guest speakers
and hands-on projects.
Prerequisite: None
Evaluation Criteria
Every student is required to take part in mid-term evaluations, as well as the final
evaluation. These evaluations will consist both of a practical and written
component. You will be assessed in the categories of communication,
application, knowledge and understanding, and thinking and inquiry.
Quizzes and projects
Practical application
Final evaluation
Course Outline
Grade: Ten
Unit One:
Safety and Sanitation
Unit Two:
Food bourne Illness/ Personal Hygiene
Knife Safety
Fire Safety
Emergency Procedures
Safe use of Equipment
~ Metric and Imperial Systems
~ Recipe Conversions/ increase and decrease yield
Unit Three: Food Preparation Methods
~ Describe & demonstrate variety of cooking/baking methods
~ Identify proper tools and equipment
~ Identify the Kitchen Brigade
Unit Four:
~ Canada Food Guide
~ Healthy Food Choices
Unit Five:
Hospitality and Tourism
~ Five Sectors of Tourism
~ Environmental Sustainability in Ecotourism