Syllabus Fin 220 - Fall 2014

Kuwait University
College of Administrative Sciences
Department of Finance and Financial Institutions
Principles of Financial Management: FIN 220
Fall 2014
Instructor’s Name: Dr. Fahad Almudhaf
Office Hours: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (10:00 AM – 11:00 AM) or by appointment.
Course Description:
This introductory course focuses on the basic concepts of finance such as, the trade-off between
risk and return, the impact of required rate of return on value and net present value. These basic
concepts are taught in the context of valuation of risky assets. The major areas of finance
covered include time value of money, basics of valuation of stocks and bonds, risk and return,
cost of capital, and basics of capital budgeting.
Fundamentals of Financial Management (13th edition) by Brigham & Houston, South-Western.
Exam I (Ch.1, 2, and 4)
Date: Sun (Oct 19th)
Exam II (Ch. 5 and 7)
Date: Sun (Nov 16th)
Exam III (Ch. 8 and 9)
Date: Tue (Dec 9th)
Final Exam (Comprehensive)
I have a zero tolerance policy for cheating of any kind. If you cheat, you will fail the course and
may face further disciplinary actions.
Attendance Policy:
Attendance and arriving on time is expected. Missing classes and being late will likely
negatively affect your performance. For additional information, refer to the Attendance Policy in
the current KU Undergraduate Bulletin.
Chapters and Topics:
Chapter 1: An Overview of Financial Management
Chapter 2: Financial Markets and Institutions
Chapter 4: Analysis of Financial Statements
Chapter 5: Time Value of Money
Chapter 7: Bonds and Their Valuation
Chapter 8: Risk and Rates of Return
Chapter 9: Stocks and their Valuation
Chapter 10: The Cost of Capital
Chapter 11: The Basics of Capital Budgeting
This is a unified course and all the course requirements are standardized.
The instructor has the right to change parts of the syllabus during the semester.