McKean High School

Course #6505
Essential Computer Applications
Unionville High School
Mr. Feliciani
(610) 347-1600
Course Description: This required semester course will introduce students to a
Windows Environment that will enable them to work with and manage
computer files and software applications. Students will be introduced to word
processing in Microsoft Word, spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel, and databases
in Microsoft Access. Students will also be introduced to Microsoft Power
Point. Students will gain the basic skills needed to succeed in college and in the
workplace of today.
All course materials can be accessed at the following link:
Level of Course: All students
Classes per cycle: 6
Credits Earned: 0.5
Length of Course: 1 semester
Materials Required:
 1 1.5”-2” 3-ring binder
 5 dividers
Grade Policy: Marking grades will be calculated by dividing total points
earned by total possible points. Formal assessments include the following:
 Class Participation
 Reviews/Exercises: Students will be assigned exercises for each lesson.
Class time will be provided.
 Quizzes / Tests
 Projects
 Classroom Procedures and Activities: this includes appropriate
computer use in the classroom
Content Standards: The course will be structured to meet the Pennsylvania
Technology Standards Relating to Business and Information Technology.
Classroom Management & Procedures:
In addition to the Student Code of Conduct, please adhere to the following:
Classroom management: In order to promote a positive learning environment
and meet the goals established by the district mission statement, the following
rules have been established. Students are expected to:
Arrive to class prepared, on time, and ready for the day’s lesson.
Maintain and display respect for people and property in the classroom.
Follow UHS and class rules & procedures.
Leave food and beverages outside of the classroom.
Keep cell phones and electronic devices OFF and out of sight.
Work only on Essential Computer Applications related work while in the
 Turn in assignments on time and make up owed work promptly.
 Stay in their seats until dismissed by the teacher.
Arrival Procedures: When you come into class, put your personal belongings
in the designated area, get your binder and take your seat.
Dismissal Procedures: Please stay in your seat until I dismiss the class. Be
sure to log off your computer and push your chair in when you are dismissed.
Absences: If a student is absent, notes and work will be posted that afternoon
on Mr. Feliciani’s Wiki-Space site. Absent students are expected to submit
owed work within 3 days of their date of return to school.
Computer Applications Department Classroom Rules: See handout/contract.
Basic Rules - -
BE On Time
BE Prepared
BE Respectful
In the event that student behavior warrants teacher intervention, I will
take the following steps:
1. The student will receive a verbal warning.
2. The student will have a discussion with the teacher.
3. An informative phone call will be made to the parent/guardian.
4. The administration will be notified and a referral will be issued as
mandated in the district discipline code.
*** I will use my discretion if I feel the offense is severe enough and will go
directly to UHS administration.
Contact information: Please inform me if you need to see me so I can make
my time available. I am happy to make myself available to meet with you for
any questions or concerns you have.