How did the US government limit civil liberties in WWI?

World War I
Assignment #10
Sedition Act
Due: 2/5
Finish handout: How did the U.S. government limit civil liberties in WWI?
Assignment #11
Americans at War
Due: 2/6
In textbook, read p. 718-719; also p. 721-722
Define: convoy, communism, armistice
Identify: John J. Pershing, Vladimir Lenin
Describe the situation of the Allies when the Americans arrived in 1917.
Why did American troops fight in separate units?
What did Russia do that made it more difficult for the Allies?
How did the war end?
What happened to the Kaiser?
Assignment #12
Shaping the Peace
Due: 2/9
In textbook, read p. 723-727
Define: self-determination, reparations
1. What was Wilson’s Fourteen Point peace plan?
2. In Wilson’s view, what was the most important of the 14 points?
3. Who were the Big Four at the Paris peace talks?
4. Why did Wilson’s plan run into trouble at Versailles?
5. Why did the U.S. Senate reject the Treaty of Versailles?
Assignment #13
Review for Quiz on:
Review assignments #8-12 + Civil Liberties in WWI & Treaty of Versailles handouts for
short-answer quiz.