Exam Review 1 Spanish 4 2015

Exam Review Spanish 4
20 minute study period- Interpersonal conversation. Students will have topic cards, each
group will speak for as long as possible about each topic card. All topic cards are related to
the water crisis.
3 minute listening prompt- Agent F will talk to you about the war on Narcoviolence in the
US. You’ll be answering some questions about what he tells you.
Commercial- you’ll watch a Christmas commercial and answer some questions about it.
Narcoviolence- You’ll read an article related to the war on drugs and answer questions about
Water- you’ll read a short story and answer questions about it.
You’ll write one of the following: describe the problem with narcoviolence in the US and
Mexico or compare the treatment of the indigenous people in south America at the time of
Columbus’s arrival and now.
You’ll write one of the following: write a letter to a student explaining why El Internado is
the best program you’ve ever watched or write a letter to a rich/famous person asking them
to help those who suffer because of the water crisis.