French 7 Unit Test 1 Study Guide

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Study Guide – Test #1
Date ______________
Mlle Murray
There will be an exam in class scheduled for this Friday December 18th. All
students should be present for the exam. If you are aware you will not be here on Friday,
please let me know immediately to make other arrangements.
The topics of this exam cover anything we have learned up till the date of the exam. All
notes, packets and worksheets should be reviewed and studied. The format of the exam will
include three of the main elements of Foreign Language learning: Listening, Reading and
Writing. You will be responsible to write a small note (30+ words) to someone in French.
More specifically, topics include but are not limited to:
The French alphabet (listening activity)
French sounds and spelling (listening activity)
French Cognates (words that look the same in French and English; taken from Le
français et l’anglais packet, separate list provided as well)
The French accents (identifying them)
The numbers 0-1000
Calendar vocabulary
o Days of the week
o Months
o Seasons
o Telling the date in French
Chapter 1 Vocabulary 1
o Greetings/goodbyes
o To ask/tell someone’s name
o To ask how someone is/tell how you are doing
o To introduce someone/respond to an introduction
o To ask/tell how old someone is (age)
Chapter 1 Vocabulary 2
o Classroom Objects
Various grammar topics
o The French subject pronouns (I, you, he/she/it, we, you all, they)
o Definite articles (le, la, l’, les)
o Indefinite articles (un, une, des)
 OVER 
If you cannot find materials related to any of these topics and would like extra copies, or
if you have any questions/concerns, please reach out to me immediately. We will be
reviewing in class all week as well.
Merci et bonne chance! 