02 Genes, Inheritance, and Traits Notes

The study of how traits are inherited
through the interactions of genes.
We learned in class that our
physical features come from
our parents. We inherit these
traits and they are in our
Eye color
Hair color
Heredity is the passing of traits from parent to the
offspring (or baby).
Traits are a way of looking, thinking, or being. If
they are genetic traits, they are passed down
through the genes from a parent.
 The
scientific name for DNA is Deoxyribonucleic
 The
material inside the nucleus of a cell that
contains the genetic code
code made up of pairs of bases carried on
the DNA molecule.
 Passes information from one generation to
the next.
 Each DNA molecule contains many genes
 The basic physical and functional units of
 Each
chromosome carries a couple of
thousand genes
 Many of these are common to all human
 So, 99.9% of your DNA is identical to
everyone else's
 The
remaining 0.1% influences the
differences between us
height, hair color and susceptibility to a
particular disease
 Environmental
factors, such as
lifestyle (for example, smoking and
nutrition) also influence the way we
look and our susceptibility to disease
DNA makes up a GENE which are
located within CHROMOSOMES in the
***WRITE the sentence above then DRAW and LABEL the
picture in your journal to help explain the sentence.
packet of coiled up DNA
 Humans have 23 pairs of
 You get half from your mother and
half from your father.
 They are in the nucleus of cells
 There
are 23 pairs of chromosomes in
the nucleus of any one of your cells
 Each chromosome has a single strand of
DNA, which carries the code for a couple
of thousand genes
 Click
on the link.
 http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/static/in_depth
 Click on each number (#1-#6).
 Read the information on each number.
 Create a FLOW MAP that shows the progression
from DNA to cell. (example on next slide)
 Start
**Your flow map must include descriptions under each box
with the smallest and end with the largest.
(Your flow map will diagram the information found
on slides 9-13.)
organ cell organ tissue organ organ system organism
**Your flow map must include descriptions under each box