Storms crossword puzzle

1. a sudden spark, or energy discharge, caused when positive
and negative charges build up and move between parts of a
3. an announcement that a tornado has been spotted
4. Stage of a storm before it becomes a hurricane (under 74
6. hurricanes start out as a tropical _____.
9. causes more snow to occur near the Great Lakes
13. a rapidly whirling, funnel-shaped cloud that reaches down
from a storm cloud and touches the ground
16. an announcement that a tornado is possible
18. heavy rainstorms accompanied by thunder and lightning
2. a huge tropical storm with wind speeds of 74 mph (119
kph) or higher
5. type of front where thunderstorms occur
7. a violent disturbance in the atmosphere
8. storm cloud
10. the calm and clear center of a hurricane
11. scale that measures a tornado based on intensity (wind
speed and damage) From F0-F5
12. Hurricanes in the Western Pacific Ocean
14. a dome or wall of water that sweeps across the coast
where a hurricane lands
15. sound of the explosion causes by rapidly heated air
16. location in the mid-west where most tornadoes occur
17. Tornado occurring over a lake or ocean
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