Adjective Clauses Friday 11-2-12 Objective To

1. Is a subordinate clause
2. Modifies a noun or pronoun in the
main clause
3. It comes right after the word it
4. Its
word is a
The word in the main clause to which the
lead off word (relative pronoun) relates is
its antecedent.
Find the adjective clauses below and what they modify. What is the
lead off word? What are the antecedents?
Roxie who is totally insane jumps at any
tiny noise.
She often jumps at a box that has fallen to
the floor.
She likes windows where she can chase
birds with her warped little mind.
However, she is the one whose purr
comforts me at night.
1. Among the reasons that so many millions
of immigrants have come to the U.S. is
the desire for freedom.
2. The rather skinny boy whom we had
noticed only two years prior was now an
3. The only thing that ever really quenches
my thirst is a glass of cold water.
4. The best student is whoever tries
Shostak, Jerome. Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop, Level B. New York: William H Sadlier, Inc., 2002.