Relative clauses – Yr5 Summer (1) week 4

Relative Clauses
A relative clause gives more information about the noun. It is
connected to the main clause by relative pronouns such as:
which, who, whose, where, when, that.
e.g. The adventure film, that we saw last night, finished at 9pm.
The relative clause in this sentence is that we saw last night.
Write out the sentences below choosing the correct relative clause
to complete the sentence.
who is very good at running when it came into the where I grew up
who broke the greenhouse with tiny whiskers
that the teacher set
1) Janine,
won all of her races.
2) The mouse,
3) The town,
ate all of the cheese in the cupboard.
has a new park for the children to play in.
4) The boat,
let all the passengers off.
5) Adam,
had to weed the garden for a month.
6) The homework,
was very easy.
Task 2
Copy out and underline the relative clause in the sentences below.
1) The donkey, who was very old, walked slowly around the field.
2) Mrs. Jones’ bicycle, which was bright green, was propped
against the shed.
3) The dusty old book, that was on the top shelf, had never been
4) Sarah’s cake, which was filled with Smarties, was delicious.
5) The dragon, whose egg was golden, was stolen by pirates.
6) This is the street, where my gran lives.
7) The telescope is an instrument, which makes it possible to see
distant planets.
Task 3
Can you correct the mistakes in the following sentences and write
them out correctly.
1) the pencil who was on the desk was multi-coloured
2) dad’s socks ,whose were really smelly needed washing
3) the new Girl where was really shy sat quietly in the corner
4) the irish Castle, who had treasure in the dungeons blew down in
the storm
5) i patted my puppy whose was very excited.
6) i saw the tiny purple aliens when zoomed across the sKy