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is a
that is used as a
complex sentence.
in a
In a complex sentence, a noun clause
can be used the same way that you
would use a noun.
It can be used as a
It appears in the sentence in the same
place that the
, or
would appear.
The lead-off words for noun clauses are
A noun clause cannot be deleted from
a sentence or the sentence will have a
change of meaning.
Roxie decided
Roxie decided.
A noun clause can rarely be moved in
the sentence for the same reason – it
will change the meaning of the
sentence or will sound really stupid.
Roxie decided.
Find the noun clauses, the lead-off word, and the part of sentence.
1. We learned that the topsoil has been
badly eroded by natural forces.
2. She gave us a clear, detailed picture
of what is likely to happen.
3. I asked you what you meant by those
4. The blueberry pie is what she ate for
5. Whether she should go or not is
Mary’s question.
6. Who marked up the desk became an
issue for the teacher.
7. However the game ends will be fine
with me
8. Some of these sentences are from
which textbook used by us?
Shostak, Jerome. Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop. United States of America: William H. Sadlier, Inc.,