Role and Responsibility Principal Investigator

UCHealth Guideline – Principal Investigator Role
UCHealth is committed to objective, ethical, and responsible conduct of research. All members of the UCHealth
community involved in research and sponsored programs will take personal responsibility for their actions in pursuit
of individual and organizational excellence. Each individual will uphold the highest standards of ethical and
professional conduct in accordance with the UCHealth Code of Conduct, sponsoring agency policies and regulations,
and all other governing policies.
The role of the Principal Investigator (PI) is to conduct objective research that generates independent, high quality,
and reproducible results. The PI is responsible for the management and integrity of designing, conducting, and
reporting of the research project and for managing, monitoring, and ensuring the integrity of any collaborative
relationships. Additionally, the PI is responsible for the direction and oversight of compliance, financial, personnel,
and other related aspects of the research project and for coordination with Research Administration personnel to
assure research is conducted in accordance with Federal regulations, UCHealth, and sponsoring agency policies and
To serve as a PI at UCHealth, an individual must be:
1) Employed by UCHealth
a. At a 0.50 FTE or higher and have the time, experience and education necessary to run their project.
b. At a 0.49 or lower with executive leadership approval and have the time, experience and education
necessary to run their project.
2) A non-UCHealth employee that is:
a. Credentialed with privileges to practice at UCHealth facilities.
b. Have a fully executed purchased services agreement with the practice that houses the non-employed
PI at UCHealth.
c. Execute an agreement illustrating the services UCHealth will provide for the conduct of the trial.
** University of Colorado employees (faculty) are subject to University of Colorado definitions of
Principal Investigator and do not fall under this guidance
Both employed and non-employed PIs are required to complete and retain current CITI training based upon
UCHealth Research Administration and applicable IRB policies (ex. UCHealth or COMIRB).
This guideline applies to (1) University of Colorado Health (UCHealth) and its wholly-owned subsidiaries and affiliates (each, an
“Affiliate”), including but not limited to Colorado Health Medical Group, Medical Center of the Rockies, Poudre Valley Hospital,
UCH-MHS and University of Colorado Hospital Authority; (2) any other entity or organization in which UCHealth or an Affiliate
owns a direct or indirect equity interest greater than 50%; and (3) any hospital or healthcare facility in which UCHealth or an Affiliate
either manages or controls the day-to-day operations of the facility (each, a “UCHealth Facility”) (collectively, “UCHealth”). All
UCHealth medical staff members, care providers, management and staff, including all Colorado Health Medical Group employees and
employees of off-site, provider-based locations, are accountable for adhering to this guideline.