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Short E-mails

E-mail Tips

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Netiquette is a way to facilitate communication

Basic rules that you should follow while writing e-mails

Using this guide will help you write e-mails that all people should be able to easily access and read

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Do not give out someone’s e-mail address without their permission

When sending an e-mail use Blind

Carbon Copy (BCC), that way no one can see each others e-mail address

Do not send around virus warnings. These can be fake or “wetware viruses.”

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When sending someone an e-mail remember to be conscious of how and when they might be reading your e-mail

Be courteous to them and remember that they are doing you a favor by reading it

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Some people have slow modems and have trouble accessing longer e-mails

If they read e-mails on their phone they could be paying by the minute

Some people may also pay by the minute for their regular internet access

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Keep e-mails at under 50 kilobytes

Do not include whole websites, keep it to the URLs, heading, and one or two paragraphs

If you are replying to an e-mail cut out some of the original

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When responding, place your response at the bottom of the e-mail

When sending graphics use formats that everyone can open

Use a simple, mono spaced font

If on an e-mail list, keep e-mails on topic

Finally, use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation