RHS English 9 Midterm Study Guide - Baertsch

January 10, 2008
The midterm exam for English 9 will be administered on Monday, Jan 14, 2008.
The exam will be a comprehensive overview of everything we have covered during the first half
of your course. You will be required to apply your knowledge of literary devices, reading
comprehension techniques, and writing skills to practical tasks.
This study guide is intended to provide an overview of the material that will be covered.
1. Make sure you understand the meaning of the following literary terms:
 Point of View (POV) - 1st person, 3rd person limited, 3rd person omniscient
 Characterization – Direct and Indirect
 Setting – chronological, geographical, social
 Tone
 Theme
 Character Motivation
 Plot
 Foreshadowing
 Flat and Round Characters
 Dynamic and Static Characters
 Protagonist / Antagonist
 Symbolism
2. Make sure you can read text and determine the preceding literary devices.
3. Make sure you are able to write in complete sentences (no fragments or run-ons). You
must demonstrate your ability to answer writing prompts completely and accurately.
Focus will be on comprehensive answers (they must address ALL parts of the question)
and correct grammar.