CFA#1 Test Review

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CFA#1 REVIEW: Tools of Geography
Directions: Answer each question fully. You will need to do more than just memorize the information,
but you will also need to be able to apply the information of what you have learned to different
situations. Please ask me if you are not sure.
1. Describe when you would use a physical map. Provide a minimum of 3 examples.
2. Describe when you would use a political map. Provide a minimum of 3 examples.
3. What is GIS and why is it important/used today?
4. What is GPS and why is it important/used today?
5. What is absolute location? When would it be best to use absolute location?
6. Complete the following Analogies
~Latitude is to the __________________________ as Longitude is to the ________________________
~Antarctica is to___________________________as Africa is to_______________________________
~North is to ___________________________ as East is to ______________________________
7. What part of a map is used to represent directions? Draw and name it!
8. Find the coordinates of the following cities (use an Atlas):
~The national capital of Japan:_______________________________________________
~The national capital of Argentina:_________________________________________
~The national capital of Australia:___________________________________________
~The national capital of United States:_______________________________________
9. What is a thematic map? Provide 3 examples of when you would need a thematic map.
10. If you were to divide the Earth with the Equator, what two hemispheres would you have?
11. If you were to divide the Earth with the Prime Meridian, what two hemispheres would have?
12. What is the purpose of a Map Scale?
13. Using your knowledge of map scale, find:
~The distance between Harlingen and Austin Texas:__________________________________________________
~the distance between New York City and Washington DC:__________________________________________
~The length of the Rio Grande River:___________________________________________________________________
14. What is a formal region of geography and provide 3 examples of a Formal Region.
15. Why are perceptual regions non scientific and provide 3 examples.
16. What makes functional regions unique and provide 3 examples.
17. Longitude lines measure _____________________________ and ________________________ of the Prime Meridian.
18. ______________________________ measures north and south of the ______________________________________.
Mapping: Be able to identify and label the following locations on a map. No word banks will be
provided on the test and spelling/capitalization counts.
Oceans and Continents:
~Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Indian, Southern
~North America, South America, Antarctica, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia
Major Lines of a Globe
~Latitude, Equator, Tropic of Capricorn, Tropic of Cancer, Arctic Circle, Antarctic Circle
~Longitude, Prime Meridian
~Hemispheres (all 4)
Free Response: Answer, defend, and support your claim to the following questions or situations.
A: Why is Geography important?
B. What is Map Projection?
C. Describe the different types of regions in detail.