basics of longitude to prepare for time zone

Label Prime Meridian
Label Equator
Label Tropic of Capricorn
Label Tropic of Cancer
5. Label East, West, North, and South
6. Look at the degrees- what is the pattern?
7. What does 180 on this map represent
8. What other number, that is not pictured, is
actually important to this map
How many degrees of longitude are there really on this map?
How many hours are there in a day?
Now- let’s do some math:
Degrees around the earth/hours in a day:
How many degrees is that?
So, each hour in the day is a movement of how many degrees?
What is the longitude of the Prime Meridian?
If we move 15 degrees west- how does the time change?
If we move 15 degrees east- how does the time change?
Example: If a ship is at 30° W, the time is (+2) hours from GMT. (30° / 15 = 2). So if the GMT were 3:00, the local time would
be 1:00.