Breaking News: Ed Dougherty is Running a Half Marathon Don`t

Breaking News: Ed Dougherty is Running a Half Marathon
Don’t make an eye doctors appointment because that heading is correct. I will be running a half
marathon in San Diego in June to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. There are many
reasons why I decided to start this venture and obviously the most important is to save lives by finding a cure
for leukemia, lymphoma and other blood born diseases. Let me tell you about my reasons.
Reason 1: As many of you know my father, Edward Dougherty Sr., is my hero. He is
my best friend and I have been through it all with him. Whether it is decorating for
Christmas, having diving contests into the pool or just talking, he has always been
there. He is currently battling leukemia for several years and type 4 lung cancer for
the past 12 months. Although the treatment is rough and makes him weak, he remains the strongest person in
the family. Whether it is getting up to go to work after chemotherapy or driving 13 hours to come visit, he
makes sure he is always there. We thank the Lord for keeping him in OUR lives because he is an amazing man
whom everyone adores.
Reason 2: My cousin Eileen and I have always been tight. It was rare to see
even a verbal argument out of us which is not the case for many of the other
cousins. She was a shining star who could bring a smile to the room just by
walking in. Her sense of humor, passion for helping others, and drive for
success are unmatched by many. Unfortunately, about a month ago, she
passed away in a car accident. Eileen was training to continue her mission to
raise money for leukemia for my father. She competed in races before and
devoted much of her time to the cause. In her memory, I will continue her mission and raise money and
awareness for her. It may be a rough road ahead but her memory will keep me going.
I have joined TNT and pledged to raise $3500 to go towards Leukemia and Lymphoma. I am asking that
you please support the cause. ANY DONATIONS are welcome! Please visit my website to see updates and
pictures and to DONATE! You can also mail a check to my address at the bottom. Please make check payable
to LLS. Please have all donations in by May 10th. Every donation is 100% tax deductible.
Thank you so much for reading this and especially for your support!
2235 Ashley Crossing Drive, Apt 8E, Charleston SC 29414
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