Chapter 21: Pre

Pre-Lecture Quiz
Chapter 21, Assessment of Respiratory Function
1. The functions of the respiratory system are ventilation and perfusion.
2. When the capacity of the chest increases during respiration, inspiration occurs.
3. Normal PaO2 levels range from 80 to 100 mm Hg.
4. Thick green or yellow sputum is a common sign of a viral infection.
5. Cyanosis is a reliable sign of hypoxia.
1. When the nurse examines the hands of a patient with chronic lung disease, a
characteristic physical assessment finding is ____________ of the fingers.
2. Sudden onset of severe dyspnea in a patient on complete bed rest is a classic
symptom of pulmonary ____________.
3. A patient with emphysema typically has an increase in the _____________
diameter of the chest.
4. When the nurse auscultates the chest of an asthmatic, wheezing, if present, is
heard on _____________.
5. The rate, depth, and rhythm of breathing are controlled by respiratory centers in
the ___________.