5th Grade Curriculum

Everything your child needs to know by the
end of 5th grade
Order of Operations (PEMDAS )
Powers of 10 with whole numbers and decimals
Make simple expressions
Multi-digit multiplication using the standard algorithm
Multi-digit division using models (4-digit dividend and 2digit divisor)
Know decimal place value to the thousandths using
numerals, word form, and expanded form
Compare decimals to the thousandths place (<, >, =)
Round decimals to any place including the whole number
Add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals to the
hundredths place
 Make equivalent fractions when adding or subtracting fractions
with unlike denominators
 Explain a fraction as division of the numerator by the
 Find area of a rectangle with fractional sides
 Solve real-world problems involving multiplication of fractions
and mixed numbers using fraction models
 Use line plot graphs
 Use a coordinate plane
 Identify attributes and categories of 2-dimensional figures
 Classify 2-dimensional figures
 Measurement conversions within the same system
 Find volume of a solid figure in cubic units
 Different types of cells (plant and animal) and the organelles
that are in each. Must be able to identify and know function.
 Know the difference between cells, tissues, organs, and organ
 How are living things grouped
 Microorganisms (beneficial and harmful)
 Inheritance of traits
 Landforms and Their Causes
 Effects of constructive and destructive forces
 Introduce to conservation of matter
 Know about physical and chemical changes of matter
 Learn about electricity and magnetism
Social Studies
Causes of the Civil War
Major battles of the Civil War
Important people of the Civil War
Reconstruction after the war
Amendments to the Constitution
Westward migration
World War I
Great Depression
World War II
Cold War
Events and key people 1950-1975
Events and key people since 1975
Narrative writing
Opinion writing
Informational writing
Persuasive writing
Working on the writing process
Compare and contrast story elements
Summarize the point of view a speaker makes and
explain how each claim is supported by reasons and
 Sequence events or ideas logically
 Parts of speech (conjunctions, prepositions, and
 Use correct verb tenses
 Use correct conventions of capitalization, punctuation
and spelling when writing
 Use context clues to the meaning of a word or phrase
 Use Greek and Latin affixes and roots as clues to the
meaning of a word
 Recognize and understand figurative language (similes
and metaphors), word relationships, and nuances in word
 Quote accurately from text and draw inferences
Helpful Websites
- firstinmath.com
- fun4thebrain.com/mult.html
- aplusmath.com
- gamequarium.com/math.html
- multiplication.com
- coolmath4kids.com
- funbrain.com
- khanacademy.com
Helpful Websites
 Reading
- eduplace.com/kids/hmr06
- primarygames.com/reading.htm
- magickeys.com/books/
 English/Language Arts
- magickeys.com/books/links.html
- gamequarium.com/vocabulary.html
- grammar.ccc.comment.edu/grammar
Helpful Websites
 Writing Skills
- rdale.k12.mn.us/ple/StudentLinks.htm
- rozauer.tripod.com/elemla.htm
- georgiaoas.org/servlet/a2l
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