Summer Math Menu

2015 Summer Math Menu
Go to and
practice math facts by selecting Math
Flashcards. Try all four operations and
see if you can get to Level 7! You should
spend at least 10 minutes, three times a
week or more to really see improvement.
Keep track of the dates and time spent
practicing your facts on the log sheet
provided. Have your parent or guardian
sign off on this sheet.
At the end of the summer, attach that
record sheet to this menu and bring it
with you to school.
If you do not have access to a computer,
please create a set of
multiplication/division flashcards with
math facts up to the “12s” to use instead!
Complete the attached handouts to
practice and/or improve your skills
in those areas mentioned on the
summer math letter.
 Visit websites such as or (as a guest) to
learn more about fractions and
decimals if you are unsure how to
complete the handouts or just want
to do some additional practice!
 Visit websites such as or to try
some games that involve fractions
and decimals!
One of the focuses in math today is
making a connection between math
and real life. To encourage this we
would like you to. . .
Create a visual display that shows a
connection between math and life.
This display can be a collage, a
poster or a piece of art that reflects
how you see math in life, how math is
used in life, how math exists in
nature, etc.
This doesn’t have to be elaborate or
necessarily fancy, but please have fun
with it and be proud of it because we
would like to display your creation in
our rooms and hallways for all to