Decimal place values

Title: Place Value Pirates
Purpose: Reinforcing naming place value of whole numbers and decimal places to the
Grade level/TEKS Reference: 5th and up
5. (1) Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning. The student uses place
value to represent whole numbers and decimals. The student is expected to:
(A) use place value to read, write, compare, and order whole numbers
through the 999,999,999,999; and
(B) use place value to read, write, compare, and order decimals through
the thousandths place.
Length of time necessary for Game: 10 minutes or longer depending on skill level and
desire to continue to play
Number of Participants: 1 player minimum
Source for Game:
Step 1.) Read the place value clue at the top of the screen, "3 in the tens place", for
Step 2.) Find the corresponding pirate who is standing on the platform that contains a
number with a three in the tens column. Click on that pirate to destroy him. Each
round gets harder and harder. Be careful, if you are wrong three times, the game is
Step 3.) Repeat the process for ensuing math problems.
Adapted by: Dr. Faye Bruun (2010)