A Note from 5 Grade th Social Studies

A Note from 5
October 9, 2015
We are continuing our School Wide Nonfiction unit. Our next series of lessons teach
non-fiction text structure. We will review all
the types of text structures. We will be
reading and writing using description structure
next week.
Social Studies
This week in SS we begin Chapter
9 and learn about how our country
declared their independence.
Students continue to work in flex groups reading a
historical fiction novel about the Revolutionary War.
Please be sure your child is reading independently
at least 20 minutes per night and blogging on
Edmodo after completing each book.
The second half of module 2 teaches
place values of decimals. Students will
read and write decimals to the
thousandths. Decimals in this unit are
referred to as “Decimal Fractions” so
students understand that decimals and
fractions are the same.
October 12th-No School
Social Emotional
Our next unit of study will focus on
identifying and naming feelings. The
mentor text is Celia and the Sweet,
Sweet Water.
We continue working on Chapter 2 in
Science with an investigation activity on
Earth and the moon. Students will identify
objects in a galaxy and a solar system and
compare planets and moons. This week
we will learn about the inner and outer
planets and other objects in space like
Language Arts
Next week is a Words Their Way week!