Plant Tissue Drawing Assignment s2015

Plant Tissue Drawing Assignment
You will be using a light microscope to observe the following four plant cross sections with the
same partner as your Medicinal Plant Brochure:
Dicot root.
Dicot stem.
Monocot root.
Monocot stem.
For one of the above cross sections, each partner will complete one proper biological diagram
and one line drawing on plain white paper. You cannot choose the same ones as each other, so
decide how you want to divide the four drawings up. Please refer to the rules posted on the
Ridge Science website for Rules for Biological Drawings. You must label at least 8 things on
each diagram/drawing.
Keep in mind that you are both responsible for knowing how to identify and label both types of
roots and both types of stems for the unit test, performance task, and/or exam.
Marking Schemes:
Each biological diagram will be marked according to the following criteria:
o Accuracy of the drawings and labels. [10 C]
o Rules were clearly and consistently followed. [8 K]
Each line drawing will be marked according to the following criteria:
o Accuracy, correct labels, representative. [5 A]