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2012 was a breakout year for electric cars in the American market. Several electric car models – the Nissan Leaf, the

Ford Focus, and the Tesla Model S – were released to consumers, amid much press and excitement.

Motor Trend

awarded its coveted Car of the Year to the Tesla Model S, exclaiming, “At its core, the Tesla Model S is simply a damned good car you happen to plug in to refuel.” Nonetheless, public discussion surrounding electric cars is surging regarding adoption rates and the efficiency of the cars themselves. With all of this hype around the car, public understanding of how electric cars work is fairly low. The car’s engine is frequently misunderstood and, because of negative reviews surrounding many of the early versions of the car, consumers express concern about how long the battery will last. Amidst all this press coverage, we have chosen to examine and explore the inner working of the electric car and its promising future in the car industry in a project we have titled “Shifting Currents.”


1891: William Morrison

(of Des Moines, Iowa) builds the first successful electric automobile in the United


1893: A handful of different makes and models of electric cars are exhibited in




Concerns about the soaring price of oil -- peaking with the

Arab Oil Embargo of 1973 -- and a growing environmental movement result in renewed interests in electric cars from both consumers and producers.



There are several electric cars on the market for American consumers, but have yet to become widely adopted.

Present day


Political Implications

Costs for consumers

Environmental Benefits


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Georgetown University

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Professor Barba and Professor Ribes

Spring 2013

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