sample questions Mid Term

Sample multiple choice questions:
Improvements in what technology helped anthropologists to better determine when species in the past
became extinct?
a) The internal combustion engine
b) The wind tunnel
c) Radio carbon testers
d) Metronomes
e) lasers
Which of the following was not an impact of the industrial revolution on production?
a) The introduction of machines to production
b) a more equitable distribution of wealth
c) An increase in amount produced
d) The deskilling of labor
What does it mean to say that the automobile is pervasive in society?
a) It costs a lot to buy
b) There are many varieties of car
c) We do many things in cars other than drive
d) There are a lot of cars
e) Cars are environmentally damaging
What is the safety advantage of driving a Birney?
a) its faster
b) it runs on hydrogen
c) it has a kill switch on the gas pedal
d) it had two operators
e) all of the above