Ch. 1 God*s Revelation

Pages 19-27
We Can Know God
Through His
Our gift of reason
allows us to conclude
that God is our
When we study God’s
creation, we learn
about God.
We need God’s help
to get to know him
God Makes Himself
Known through
Divine Revelation
Divine Revelation –
God’s making himself
known to us
Blessed Trinity – the
Three Persons in One
God: the Father, God
the Son, and God the
Holy Spirit
God’s Revelation is
handed down through
the Bible and Tradition
Memories can be passed down
by the written word or by oral
Bible/Scripture – the written
record of God’s Revelation and
his relationship with his people.
Tradition – the Revelation of
Jesus Christ as lived out in the
Divine Inspiration - The Holy
Spirit guided the human writers
of the Bible.
The Bible is a collection of books that uses
many literary forms.
The Bible is divided into 2 parts called
Old Testament has 46 books in which we learn
about God’s relationship with the people of
New Testament has 27 books in which we learn
about the story of Jesus, his mission, his first
followers, and the beginning of the Church.
Pentateuch (Five Scrolls)
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy
Historical Books tell about the history of Israel
Wisdom Books explain God’s role in every
day life
Prophetic Books contain writings of the great
prophets who spoke God’s Word to the
people of Israel.
Gospels – contain the message and key events
in the life of Jesus Christ.
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
Letters - these books contain letters written
by Saint Paul and other leaders to individual
Christians or to early Christian communities.