English III Parent Open House

English III
Mrs. Spriggs
Parent/Guardian E-mail List
A parent/guardian e-mail went out last Friday
with a recap of the week. If you did not
receive this e-mail and would like to, please
complete the information on the clip board.
SPAN- As of 3rd period, I finally figured out
the missing “Post to Parent” button, so grades
are available online.
Daily Schedule
-Bell Ringer/Journal-Students have 10 minutes
to write a response to a journal that relates to
our unit of study. Journals are collected every
10 entries. Worth 100 Points.
-Word Parts: In preparation for the SAT, we
write down five word parts per day. We have
a test after each set of 25 word parts.
-Grammar: We have a brief “grammar” review
each morning consisting of Power Points and
online games.
Daily Schedule Cont.
Free Rice: An online SAT tutorial that actually
provides “free rice” to poverty-stricken
Literature Packets: Active Reading
Worksheets. These are collected randomly for
a classwork grade.
Web Page
Contact Information
Unit Resources
SAT Practice
We are currently reading Scarlet Letter
We will also read The Crucible, The Catcher
in the Rye, Of Mice and Men, and various
selections from the text. All novels are
available at GHHS. Additionally, I will
always try to include links for online texts and
free audio recordings.
Research Paper
We will complete a three page research paper
during the 2nd quarter. The topic will be a
controversial issue that relates to American
We will complete the majority of the research,
planning, and typing in class (dependent upon
on computer lab availability)