Vocabulary Essay 21 - A.Rahman Al Shater E

A.Rahman Ziad Al Shater
April 10, 2014
Vocabulary Essay 21
The two penurious old men sat on the park bench remembering the old days. She felt
like an intruder as she sat watching and listening from a distance. The stories brought back
memories of the third one that used to sit with them. It seemed churlish to complain how she
missed the talks that they would have after his visits with them. It was only just a few months
ago that he had passed on to a better place.
They at times were placid, contented men as they sat opposite to each other
remembering him and how he had been myopic when they talked of things from their pasts
and how they had affected the future; today though the nexus of their talk was of an
expeditious investigation on the efficacy of the treatment of his illness. They were both
scholarly men of the world that had been quite affectionate towards him when he had come
to the park for some fresh air. These two men had given him much to think about as he sat by
his window pondering his future. She would watch him for days wondering what he was
thinking about. One day, he would tell her stories of the discussions they had about Einstein,
Fermi, or Roosevelt and the next, it would be on what shows were showing on Broadway. Oh
no, they have spotted her, it was too late to walk away now.
Never laquacious, she was now totally lost for words. The two men gave an eloquent
speech about how her child had given them simple thoughts that were exciting without being
ostentatious. These two aged men showed her the empathy that day and asked her to join
them at that bench every Wednesday so they could continue to remember the old days.