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• To give a starting point for SAT/ACT
• To preview online college search
Writing Prompt
• In a culture obsessed with superficial appearances, our leaders
should be those who can see beyond the surface. Judging a
book by its cover is the job of the consumer, but reading the
book -pondering its contents and perhaps seeking to write new
chapters-is the job of a leader
• Assignment: How important is it to look beyond superficial
appearances? Write an essay and discuss your point of view on
this issue. Support your position logically with examples from
literature, the arts, history, politics, science and technology,
current events or your experience of observations.
Junior Year - Fall
• PSAT - in October, at Shorecrest
Junior Year - Spring
• SAT Reasoning Test - 3 hours, 45 minutes:
Reading, Math, Writing
• ACT - 3 hours, 25 minutes: English, Math,
Reading, Science. Writing optional but
• Fee waivers available from counselors
Senior Year Fall
• Re-take SAT or ACT if necessary
• Register in summer
SAT II Subject Tests
• UC Schools require subject tests
• More selective the school, more likely
• Refer to individual college websites
• English Lit, Math, Science, US History,
World Language
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