SAT Math Prep Syllabus - Palisades School District

SAT Math – Course Syllabus – Ms. Young
ROOM: 113
SCHEDULE: Meets even days for one semester
A review of the skills, concepts, and tactics to be successful on the Math section of the SAT. Students will
learn the format, scoring guidelines, and specific strategies of the SAT. Diagnostic tests will be given
throughout the course and at the completion of units students will be assessed on their growth.
Students will:
1. Learn about the SAT Math Test
a. Format
b. Sections
c. Formulas
2. Review basic math concepts in four areas:
a. Numbers and Operations
b. Algebra and Functions
c. Geometry and Measurement
d. Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability
3. Demonstrate skills for the SAT Math Test
a. Strategies
b. Test-taking Tactics
Will be discussed in class.
A notebook with lined paper, pencil/pen, eraser, and a graphing calculator.
It is recommended that you own a graphing calculator such as: TI-83+, TI-84, or TI-89.
Calculators are available to sign out from the library should you choose to do that instead.
Quarter Grade:
Test, Quizzes, and Performance Tasks: 60%
Homework/Classwork: 40%
Course Grade:
First Quarter: 40%
Second Quarter: 40%
Exams (Midterm and/or Final): 20%
You will earn a letter grade in this elective course: A, B, C, NC, or F.
Because the SAT is an aptitude test, grades will be partially based on your individual growth.
Most of your grade will be dependent on your work ethic and participation in class assignments. You will
earn a grade for each class period based on your effort.
You should keep track of your own grade throughout the semester and share this information with your
parents on a regular basis. Log on to my school website for grades.
~ Absences, lateness, and plagiarism will be dealt with according to school policy. See your student
handbook for details.
~ If you miss class to participate in a school-approved trip or activity, assignments will still be due on
original due date. See your student handbook for details.
~ Classroom expectations, procedures, and corresponding consequences will be discussed as often as
necessary and are expected to be followed. See the “Classroom Expectations and Consequences”
document and “Classroom Procedures” document for detailed information.
~ No retests in SAT Math. It is imperative that you prepare for each test.
~ Homework may be assigned and is due the following day. Late homework will receive no credit.
Work must be shown for each problem; answers only is not acceptable. Grades for homework will be
determined as follows:
Full credit (2 pts): All problems are completed and all work is shown.
Half credit (1 pt): At least half of the problems are done all the corresponding work is shown.
No credit (0 pts): Less than half of the problems have been attempted or no work is shown.
~ After school help will be available as often as needed. Please let me know in advance if you plan on
staying after.
~ Many resources will be posted on my website. To get to all teacher websites go to, click on the “teachers” tab, then choose the appropriate teacher
~ Grades are updated on a weekly basis (and sometimes more frequently). I typically update grades on
Friday’s by the end of the day. Please be sure to check your grade frequently!!
**Course content may vary from this outline in order to meet the needs of this particular group.**