Five Steps to Write a Persuasive Speech

By the end of this lesson, students will
analyse the techniques used to
develop and deliver a persuasive
1. Work in pairs.
2. Put in a list all the techniques used in
the speeches.
2. Support your views with examples.
1. Read the jumbled debate speech.
2. Arrange the parts in order.
3. Derive the structure of a debate speech. You may
propose adding or deleting anything but you have
support your suggestions with reason.
4. Design a few steps of writing a persuasive
5. Vote for the best.
6. Share with you a suggested example of steps
for reference.
1. Write a two-minute speech on a motion as a
leader/first/second speaker.
2. Be prepared to deliver your speech and
receive rebuttals from the class next time.
Use the Quick Debate Planner.
3. Apply the eight Keys of Reasoning and refer
to the five steps as you write your speeches.
Take-home Job
1. Students should be required to wear school
2. Homework should be limited to no more
than one hour per night.
3. Women should stop working when they get
married and have babies.
4. Economic development should override
environmental issues.
Motions for Practice